How to Pledge

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For step by step instructions showing computer screenshots, click here.

  • Go to the Minnesota Employees Self-Service website: http://www.state.mn.us/employee (Contact your HR or payroll department if you need help accessing the website)
  • Click on “Other Payroll”
  • Click on "Charitable Deductions".
  • Click on "Charitable Deductions" again (If you pledged last year, you'll see a summary of those results)
  • Click on "Add Deduction"
  • Select the name of the charity of your choice in the "Type of Deduction" field by clicking on the magnifying glass.
  • Enter the amount you'd like deducted each pay period
  • Accept the default deduction start and stop dates
  • Click on "save" and your deduction will be confirmed
  • Click on "OK"
  • If you would like to designate your gift to a specific charity, click on "Designations/Acknowledgments". For additional instructions on the pledging process, continue reading "Designating to a specific charity (affiliate)".

For step by step instructions showing computer screenshots on how to request a designation or acknowledgement, click here.


Once you have entered your charitable deduction online using the State of Minnesota Employee Self Service website, you can request your contribution or a portion of your contribution be designated to a specific charity. You can also request an acknowledgement of your contribution from the charitable federation selected in your payroll deduction.

Please be aware, that some federations do not accept designations, some accept to affiliated organizations only, and some will accept to any 501(c)3 nonprofit.


1. Click on the “Designations/Acknowledgment” button found on the Voluntary Deduction Page in the Self Service website. This will lead you to a Designation Forms page on the Combined Charities website.

2. Choose the Charitable Federation to which you are pledging your payroll deduction. Charitable federations are grouped according to their designation policy.

3. Enter the amount per pay period you pledged to the federation in the Self Service website. If you set an end goal amount, indicate that amount here.

4. Enter information about the specific charity to which you would like your deduction to go toward. Include as much information as you can to help the Charitable federation locate your chosen charity. Repeat this step if you are requesting designations to multiple charities. Hint: if you are designating to an affilaite of the Charitable federation, you can “copy-and-paste” the charity name from the list on the right side of the page.

5. Enter your contact information in the mandatory fields. This includes your Name, Work Phone, and Work e-mail address in the boxes below the list of charities. This information is requested in case there are questions about your designation request. We want to make sure your request is processed according to your wishes.


If you wish to receive an acknowledgement of your designation continue to step 6. If you do not wish to receive an acknowledgement, skip to step 8.


On each federation’s page, you may click on the acknowledgment box to receive an acknowledgement from that charity. Complete steps 1-3 above.

6. Click “Yes” on the acknowledgement request box.

7. Be sure your contact information, including name, phone, and e-mail, are provided in the appropriate fields.

Finalize Process

8. Click on the Submit Key to send your information to the Combined Charities. The information will be sent to the charitable federation(s). For acknowledgements, the Federations will respond within 4-6 weeks of your request.

9. You should receive an email with the information in your request. Hold on to this email for your records.  If corrections are needed, you can reply to the email with the corrected information.

10. To designate to another federation, close the confirmation page and the complete list of charitable federations will again be available.

11. Close window when finished.

If you have questions, check with your coordinator or call the Combined Charities Campaign Hot Line at 651-234-7119.


Legislative Employees must use a paper pledge form to make a donation through the Minnesota State Employees' Combined Charities Campaign. LCC employees are part of the state system and may make their contribution online at the Self-Service website.


You will receive a memo, booklet and pledge form from your coordinator, including specific instructions on how and when to return you pledge form. Please contact your coordinator for further information.


House of Representatives: Jessica Nyman, 296-8873

Senate: Colleen Pacheco, 296-0227

Revisor of Statutes: John McCullough and Cindy Maxwell, 296-7147

LCC and Legislative Library: Lisa Knoop, 296-8262


Minnesota Historical Society employees must use a paper pledge form to make a donation through the Minnesota State Employees' Combined Charities Campaign. You will receive instructions from your coordinator on how to make a payroll deduction pledge or cash gift.

Please contact your coordinator for further details.

Joanie Fleischer, 259-3185


The information you provide to make voluntary deductions on Management & Budget’s self service website will be used to enter your charitable gift, by payroll deduction, to federations and charitable organizations you specified which are participating in the Minnesota State Employees Combined Charities Campaign.


You are not obligated in any way to provide a charitable contribution and no negative consequences will result from your decision. If you choose to donate, you will need to specify the organization(s) to receive donations and the dollar amount, so that your donation can be processed. The only consequence for not providing the requested information is you will not be able to donate to participating charitable organizations through payroll deduction.


Designated Management & Budget staff, designated Combined Charities Board members, and the federations and charities to which you have designated or requested an acknowledgment, will have access to your information in order to help process your charitable gift. Your data indicating one-time gifts and donations to affiliated organizations will be sent to the organizations specified. If there are any questions regarding your donation, the contact information you enter, will be used to contact you. Others who may have legal authority to access donation data include representatives of the Legislative Auditor, enforcement agencies with statutory authority, and persons authorized by court order.

Campaign Questions? (651) 234-7119

For questions about the campaign, contact your agency/campus coordinator, call our hotline at (651) 234-7119 or e-mail.

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