Become a Participating Federation

In order for a charitable organization to participate directly through this state employee combined charities campaign they must:

  • Meet the criteria prescribed in Minnesota Statute 43A.50; including
  • Be a federated funding organization registered with the attorney general of MN;
  • Secure funds through the state employee combined charities campaign for distribution to 14 or more affiliated agencies, each of which must devote substantially all of its activities to providing health, welfare, social, or other services that benefit individuals in Minnesota and contiguous counties;
  • Apply by March 1st of the campaign year; and
  • Be approved by the Commissioner of Minnesota Management & Budget.

Organizations who have submitted an application will be notified by May 1st if they are registered (approved). Organizations that are approved may participate in the campaign for the following year.

To be added to the list of charitable organizations interested in an application, contact our combined charities hotline at (651) 234-7119 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Campaign Questions? (651) 234-7119

For questions about the campaign, contact your agency/campus coordinator, call our hotline at (651) 234-7119 or e-mail.

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